Who Are They?

Arrow is nothing if not for the partnerships it has built.  For any small business to get a loan through this platform, no less than eight entities have to align.  This may sound tedious, but in fact, it’s the only reason Arrow works.  Before building the Arrow model, these eight plus stakeholders had no way of working together, but now, U.S. banks, investors, local banks, local attorneys, local business trainers, and local entrepreneurs all sit round the same table to turn the wheel of progress.  The mission is clear: helping growth-ready small businesses access capital to scale while simultaneously connecting them to their own local market via high-touch partnerships.

Due to Arrow’s focus on partnerships, any capital access an entrepreneur can gain through the platform is holistic.  Jobs are created, communities are transformed, leadership & business skills are honed, credit histories are built, and Arrow gets to slowly put itself out of business one enterprise gaining access to the local market at a time.

View one example of Arrow’s partnership flow here.