Who Should Get Involved?

The engine behind Arrow’s work is its philanthropic investors.  By allowing Arrow to leverage their balance sheet — while maintaining control of all assets — we’ve created an avenue for individuals, foundations, and corporations to simultaneously earn ongoing investment returns while opening up credit for highly vetted, highly scalable businesses around the world.  Arrow doesn’t want your cash, but access to your “idle capital.”  Your idle capital — capital that is invested but not socially valuable — can be used to create jobs and transform communities, all without ever writing a check.  No brainer?  We think so.

Investing with Arrow is not just for the late career entrepreneur with a couple exits under his/her belt.  It’s for everyone who has credit leverage — and with a minimum investment amount of $25,000 USD (again, not cash), almost anyone (young or old) with stable income can participate.  Download our one-of-a-kind calculator (completely private to you) to uncover your eligibility to become a philanthropic investor with Arrow.

Backed by a unique partnership approach and unparalleled risk mitigation measures (read more here), Arrow works hard to ensure your balance sheet is secure.  Want to learn more and take a deeper look at the simple process of becoming a philanthropic investor?  Spend a few minutes here and then get in touch.