Follow This Easy Step-by-Step Process to Engage with Arrow

1.  Read Arrow’s philanthropic investor FAQs to understand what joining the Arrow platform really means.  How does it impact your portfolio?

2.  Download and fill out Arrow’s customized “philanthropic investor calculator” to determine the level at which you want to participate in the platform.

3.  Learn more about the types of enterprises in Arrow’s pipeline by viewing these snapshots.

4.  Get in touch with a member of the Arrow team — if you’re not already — by emailing one of us directly or filling out the online contact form at the bottom of our website.

5.  Review our notice of info, detailing what you can expect from an engagement with Arrow.

6.  Our team will put you in touch directly with one of Arrow’s U.S.-based lending partners to verify your basic financial information.  You will send the completed calculator directly to the bank and it will serve as your completed financial statement.

7.  Once your information has been verified (a day or less) and the bank has reviewed Arrow’s loan agreement with the emerging market entrepreneur(s), the process is executed.

8.  Arrow gets a loan from the U.S. bank based on your financial standing and the organization’s stellar credit history, then transferring the capital to its local bank partner in the destination country.  From there, it will be disbursed to the vetted entrepreneur(s) alongside Arrow’s local partners.

9.  You will provide annual tax returns (two-page 1040) and an updated financial statement (updated calculator based on that year’s tax returns) to the bank during the loan cycle.

10.  Watch the impact the Arrow model is making around the world.  Join us for a vision trip.  Read the impact reports.  Be amazed at what you’re able to be part of while your assets remain fully intact.

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